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Welcome to the Elgin Theatre Company home page. 

Our goal is to bring quality entertainment to Elgin and the northwest suburbs.



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Elgin Fringe Festival 2016:    Reflections and Perspectives    plays by Carl Zeitler

Elgin Theatre Company is part of the third annual Elgin Fringe Festival and they are producing Reflections and Perspectives, written and directed by Carl Zeitler.

This production consists of three short plays in which people try to relate to one another and their own lives; sometimes with comedic results and sometimes in a more serious setting.

               "A Smattering of Perspective"

Two people who recently had a first date are recounting the event, each from their own perspective, to friends on their phones.

Featuring Bill Boggs, Mark Brewer, and Lynn Homeier

               "Wedded Bliss...or Not"

A husband who is trying to watch a football game is interrupted by his wife who wants them to take a survey of their marriage that she found in a magazine.

Featuring Debbi Dennison and Carl Zeitler

               "And Then What?"

Two people who recently passed away are led into a waiting room by a mysterious host. They to make sense of their lives and what fate may await them.

Featuring Nancy Braus, Mark Brewer, and Valerie Meachum


Performances are      Thursday, September 15 @ 9pm

                                 Friday, September 16 @ 6pm

                                 Saturday, September 17 @ 1:30pm

                                 Sunday, September 18 @ 3pm

Tickets are $10 for this production. Tickets go on sale August 10.

Admission to the Elgin Fringe Festival requires purchase of a Festival Button at Side Street Studio.

Full information about the Elgin Fringe Festival available at www.elginfringefestival.com

Link to the Elgin Fringe Fest performers and schedule:  http://www.elginfringefestival.com/#!performances/c1yjv


Location: Imago, 216 Prairie Street, Elgin, IL




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The Elgin Theatre Company has a rich theatrical history.  A list of every ETC production, as well as other historical tidbits can be found here.

For over fifty nine years Elgin has enjoyed a vibrant and active community theatre group. Over the past several years, the word is out - there is quality theatre northwest of Chicago.

Many of our patrons are amazed at just how much talent we have here in Elgin and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy productions that rival those "downtown" (and at a fraction of the cost).

The goal of the Elgin Theatre Company is to provide quality entertainment and education to all residents of Elgin, and beyond. It is also a place for those wishing to explore and exercise their talents in a friendly, open, and warm atmosphere.

The Elgin Theatre Company exists for our community and we strive to be community theatre at its best. We welcome your involvement, your patronage, and your support!





Live theatre locally, its just the ticket!

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